A family camp SUP and Cycling adventure

Thank you Dan and Rachel for providing this opportunity for your family to break out of the city and experience the outdoors that Kanchanaburi can offer.

Camping looked awesome and we were happy to provide tents, sleeping mats and all the cooking equipment needed.

On the first day, you all made excellent progress on the Stand Up Paddle Boards, learning all the skills necessary to progress onto the intermediate, wilderness section of the river and what a second day it was! With great conditions on the water, it was ideal for practicing what you learned on the first day.

Along with some cycling to experience stunning rural Kanchanaburi, village life and some unusual temples, we hope you have some family memories to last a lifetime and the skills to take on sections of the river as a family with some guidance.

we very much hope that you can come and visit in the future and would be delighted to assist you.

Journeys end – competent river stand up paddle boarders

Safe travels!

Sidenote from Rachel:

A description of what is at the campsite – there are hot showers and clean toilets and our company provides tents, sleeping mats, gas burners, clean pans and cooking equipment, oil and salt. It’s a delightful lake or riverside environment, where you can enjoy time away from the city with your family.

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