Kanchanaburi Transfers

Are you struggling to find reasonably priced transfers from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and within Kanchanaburi? Some of clients say they are being charged unfair prices. Send us the details of the journey you need to take and we will do our best to help provide reasonably priced and trustworthy vehicles and drivers, whether that be cars or song taews.


  1. Bangkok to Kanchanaburi (and return if needed)
  2. Kanchanburi to Erawan Falls
  3. Kanchanaburi to Saiyok
  4. Saiyok to Erawan falls

Of course, we can integrate our activities into your itinerary too!

Kanchanburi Train timetable.

Please note that we work with local drivers who we use in our business, but cannot take responsibility for the actions of the drivers, not road traffic accidents .