My Outdoor IQ app

Information about the app:

My Outdoor IQ is NOT a scientific tool, nor a test of any kind and it does not claim to be a scientific analysis, so what is it?

All to often when parents ask kids what they learned they say ‘nothing’ when actually they learned heaps.

My Outdoor IQ:

  • Promotes the importance of meta-cognitive processes and self-evaluation
  • Allows a child to take first steps or develop their own understanding of some key terms in mental and skills development
  • Allows the child to understand the huge variety of what they will do (before the camp starts) and to know at the end that they did everything they set out to do
  • Allows a child to feel a sense of pride in what they perceive themselves to have achieved, both in terms of perceived value added and the amount of stuff they did on the camp which is not part of their everyday life
  • Gives feedback to a school or trip leader about the impact of the camp and adds evidence to the benefits of the outdoor education experience to the cohort and the individuals therein.


On Google Play Store here OR In the App Store (My Outdoor IQ)

Instructions for use

  • The camp leader (or teacher) first sets up the camp by clicking ‘Create my camp’
  • THE CAMP LEADER MUST WRITE DOWN THE CAMP CODE AT THE TOP OF THE NEXT SCREEN and enter an easy to remember username (WRITE THAT DOWN TOO). The camp leader will need these later
  • Also give the camp a name, Eg Scout camp 5 and select the camp start date & time
  • In the free version of the app, the leader must use the categories in the Mental Development and Skills Development sections. For a small fee the camp leader may disable and / or edit the categories. Once this is done, the camp leader can ‘Save All Categories’

The camp leader then gives the students on the camp the Code to input on the home screen and the student logs in (as a student) and creates a simple username which is their given name and the first 2 letters of their family name, eg, John Smith would be johnsm – the students must remember this but of course it can be worked out from the student’s name!

  • the student then proceeds to rate themself in each category, giving them self a simple rating from 0 – 10 and once complete ‘Submits’ the data. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT AT THIS STAGE THAT THE STUDENT DOES NOT PRESS THE ‘Enter score after camp’ button.
  • NOW the student must wait until the camp is complete; on the final day of camp the students log in using the camp code and their simple username (eg johnsm) and press the ‘Enter score after camp’ button. The student now enters their perceived score having completed the camp and submits the data. The student can now see how they have improved, according to their own perception.

The leader can log back in at this stage and click ‘Ready for comparison data’.

  • Once this is clicked the app will work out and display the cohort mean for each of the students and show their score via a red dot on each bar. Students can view this using their log in details and hence compare their own perceptions to the mean values of the cohort.
  • This may be screenshot and sent to the leader/parent or the leader/parent/teacher can log on as the student.