SUP Adventure

Remember, first and foremost, we are FLEXIBLE! We’ll speak to you about your needs and tailor the trip accordingly. The cost of bespoke trips can vary enormously according to group size and overnight needs. We know of lots of great options for overnight hotel stops and some nice camping options along the riverside; contact us and we can develop some ideas (we can speak to you in English, Thai, Korean, German, Chinese or Google Translate)!

The cost of our most basic adventure starts at THB 1500 (per person per day). Prices will vary regarding the group size, distance traveled from our base and time on the water. Please contact us for a quote.

Price includes:

  • SUP equipment and safety equipment
  • support vehicles whilst you are on the river
  • qualified instructors by arrangement
  • Doctor on call
  • all drinking water

Extras which can be arranged:

  • all meals (by arrangement) – charge applies
  • tent hire
  • airport collection
  • large dry-bag hire
  • stoves for cooking, as well as eggs, cooking oil, milk, bread, etc (and we can help you with your shopping)
  • campfires

Here are some examples of our FLEXIBILITY:

Example 1. You might want us to add a beginner’s ‘taster session’ on a particular date / time. No problem, just contact us and let us know what you want and we’ll try our best to arrange it, at a reasonable cost.

Example 2. As an individual, you want to do an accompanied big trip paddling from the reservoir to the North of Kanchanaburi down to the Bridge over the River Kwai over two full days, with a stopover at a hotel.

The first day of our two day expedition will be broadly the same as our one full day experience, but you will stay one night either camping out or in other accommodation along the way.

The above are examples of bespoke trips and cost depends upon the group size, accommodation if staying overnight, and where we set off from.

Example 3. You are an experienced paddler and you want to do a big trip with your partner (don’t ever paddle alone). You only need the equipment. No problem, we can hire the equipment only, to you, but we will insist on checking out your paddling credentials first !

Example 4. We cater for stag and hen parties, even larger groups. We can place several instructors with a larger group, but remember, don’t drink and paddle !

Please contact us and we’ll give you a quote. It will be less expensive than you probably imagine.

Full Day Expeditions

By its nature, a whole day paddling experience is more challenging due to the amount of time you will be on the board. Typically, we will paddle for around five or six hours per day, depending on river flow and weather conditions.


A one day expedition will cover 20 – 40 km, depending on river flow rate and rider ability. We will leave early in the morning and stop for lunch and a good rest during the hottest part of the day. We’ll conclude the day with another 2-3 hours paddling. There will be plenty of rest stops along the way. That’s part of the beauty about paddling on the river – even when you stop for a break, the river continues to carry you onward!

This paddle is not suitable for complete beginners and if you have not done our beginner’s lesson, we will need you to first demonstrate some basic paddling skills, like standing, paddling straight, turning and paddling against the slow flow of the River Kwai.

We can take groups of up to eight people with one instructor, though typically you’ll have at least two with you.

Contact us to arrange this.

What to bring?

Bring board shorts or just PE shorts and a T-shirt or long sleeved shirt. Also a pair of shoes or flip-flops that you don’t mind getting wet. Slap on a hat and slop on some sun cream and you’ll be good to go. Bring a towel as there is a chance you will get wet. Bring a filled water bottle so you can take a drink and maybe a snack. A dry bag is useful for phones and wallet.

We’ll supply a personal flotation device and leash for safety, and of course a suitably sized board and paddle ready to go.